Her father Tuanku Abdul Rahman was often at King’s House (now Seri Negara) before and during his reign as the first Yang di-Pertuan Agong

Repost from @tz.n9 – 21/10/18 A lovely morning showing my great-aunt Tunku Shahariah around @jalanmerdeka

7-10. Also extended at Seri Negara are @raja_ihsan’s Photographs of August 1957 by the fourth Agong Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah and @thehumansofkl, which features the chauffeur of both Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Sultan Ismail, the grandfather of @thehumansofkl founder @mushamir.mustafa

Here’s a great story of the Negeri Sembilan Prince Tunku Zain who came over the Humans of KL exhibition. Humans of KL founder Mushamir Mustafa found out that the Tunku’s grandfather (the 1st King of Malaysia) and Mushamir’s grandfather (the personal driver for the first 4 Kings of Malaysia) were together 60 years ago during his reign, after reading a Humans of KL story I wrote about my grandfather’s past. It’s great to see that 60 years on, their grandchilds meet again! What a circumstance!

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Self-taught caricature artist Jon Tham shared his story on why he quit his corporate job to be a full-time father at our Stories of Malaysia Photostory Exhibition

He proudly says that he has been with his children through all the little growing up milestones. He has also learned to build an income from setting up booths at fairs and freelance jobs. We are grateful to have you over and conducting the caricature 101 workshop.

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Film director, producer, founder of a few NGOs, mother and also our advisor Low Ngai Yuen of Kakiseni took time off her busy schedule to share with the young people what has she been up to recently

We are fortunate to have you constantly supporting our storytelling endeavours, especially for this Humans of KL ‘Stories from Malaysia’ Photostory Exhibition. Thank you for your helping hand in making this exhibition and workshop a success!

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Hey all! This is Mushamir speaking. This is it, my team and I have put our best efforts in getting all these amazing speakers on board

This is our last weekend and I want to end it with a bang! It’s been a long, 1 month unique Photostory exhibition at Carcosa Seri Negara where Crazy Rich Asians the movie was shot) and it would mean a lot if you guys can make it and share this post on your profiles. I’m proud to see my baby Humans of Kuala Lumpur grow big and huge, since its first days when I was doing this solo when I was in university – just a lonely boy who wanted to meet new people and capture their interesting stories.

Come meet and greet these fellow speakers (and cats) whom Humans of Kuala Lumpur has featured before! Listen to their amazing, inspiring stories, get to know them and ask them your questions! This is our last weekend at Carcosa Seri Negara at theHumans of KL ‘Stories from Malaysia’ Photostory Exhibition with DiverseCity‘s International Arts Festival! 

List of speakers: 

Fahmi Fadzil – Engineer-performer-activist turned politician (MP for Lembah Pantai)

Fluffy Empire The Cat – Rides Motorcycles, Watches Movies, And Goes Wherever Afiq Shawan Goes

Roshan Thiran – Founder & CEO of Leaderonomics, Leadership Expert

Hannah Lo – Woman’s Wellness Advocate

Mushamir Mustafa – Founder and Storyteller at Humans of KL – Storytelling Workshop

Staci KY Tan – Young Cancer Survivor

Low Ngai Yuen – President of Kakiseni, Tech & Arts Advocate and Women’s Rights Activist

Jon Tham Nam San – Freelance caricature artist

See you all there!


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“I once wanted to be an entrepreneur. Today I am working at an agency that, ironically, specializes in helping hopeful entrepreneurs with their own startups…”

“The future of that agency however, is uncertain.

I have found a new perspective that resonates throughout my life – a kind of empathy that has come from the constant interaction with my clients. Although my career is fulfilling, I still feel the longing in my heart for the career I once thought I would have. 

Sometimes I wonder about the importance of choices and the opportunity cost that comes with each one. Even more so, the idea that I’m missing out and being thankful for the present don’t have to be mutually exclusive; that they can exist, seemingly, in conundrum.

In the end, I don’t regret my choice in not starting my own business. I guess I’m just waiting for my calling. Until then, I’m happy to help others build theirs.”

Photostory by Chow ZhiHang. ZhiHang went to the Storytelling Workshop given by the founder of Humans of Kuala Lumpur Mushamir Mustafa, at the Humans of KL ‘Stories from Malaysia’ Photostory Exhibition and this is her first story from the workshop, congrats!

Do come visit our exhibition!

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