Yellow Heart Campaign

In partnership with Digi’s Yellow Heart Campaign and for a part of the National Kindness Week, Humans of Kuala Lumpur visited two special needs school at Shah Alam and Setapak. The Yellow Heart campaign set out to digitally empower marginalised communities towards reducing inequalities and for this year, the HOKL team conducted 10 photo and video stories on its students focusing on mental health and bullying. 

What is Yellow Heart?

Digi’s Yellow Heart is an inclusive business initiative to digitally empower marginalised communities towards reducing inequalities, and for this year, they are focusing on tackling bullying. 


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Sekolah Menengah Khas Vokasional (Shah Alam)

"As I got older, I started to lose my hearing"
"Students who are deaf or mute were also teased in front of others"
"The doctor diagnosed me with a learning disability"
"I’m the only one who is deaf in my family, and I was deaf from birth"
"I am deaf, and so is the rest of my family members"
"I’m a slow learner: I find it difficult to calculate or to memorise/understand what I am studying"

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Setapak

“I want people to understand that those of us struggling with our mental health are not possessed”
"I do face an eyesight problem – but I am still able to hear, to speak, to walk"
"In this school, we have students who even went on to Oxford"
"Bullying will only cause pain and heartache to other people"


Blind Since Birth - A Motherless Boys' Story

The Struggles and Dreams of A Young Deaf Girl

Bullied To Tears

Blind at Sixteen Part 1

Blind at Sixteen Part 2

Blind at Sixteen Part 3