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Our ‘Humans of MAGIC’ project With Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) Produced a book, Magical Souls, of the Malaysian entrepreneurs we had featured The Minister of Youth and Sports and the Minister of Entrepreneur Development was at the book launch

Humans of Kuala Lumpur partnered with the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in featuring inspiring and local impact-driven entrepreneurs, problem solvers and startups in their mission to solve Malaysia’s problems.

The team spent one month conducting photostories and videostories with various entrepreneurs from different backgrounds focusing on their personal life, stories of how they started their business and how MaGIC has helped them achieve their business goals.

MaGIC helps entrepreneurs by offering dynamic programmes and capacity-building initiatives. By developing a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem through innovation and creativity, this helps create value and economic drive for Malaysia done through collaborating with other government agencies, industries and stakeholders.

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"Today we are the one stop shop for inventories and have retailers from a small town pub all the way to four star hotels"

Reach – 5.7k

"In business, if people did a mistake, you need to learn and think better, and do stuff differently to avoid that kind of mistake"

Reach – 11k

"I thought, why not connect teachers and students on a platform without going through a third party human?"

Reach – 17,706

"Despite failing two startups before this, I still believe in doing business because I want to leave a legacy behind."

Reach – 26,203

"I don’t do my job because its my job, I do it because its my passion."

Reach – 6,602

"So in this journey we learn that as sportsmanship we never give up and never look down."

Reach – 13,025

"Jom Parking is my proudest achievement. I managed to create my own company and now we have 14 members."

Reach – 54,034

"My parents have always given me an unspoken kind of support."

Reach – 20,619

"MaGIC was the true backbone of where WeStyleAsia is today."

Reach – 8,943

"For us, clothes are the extensions of ourselves."

Reach – 7,861

"In my case, I want to create things that can basically disrupt an industry and I will do that even when I am sick."

Reach – 26,604

"But I was still not prepared to become an entrepreneur – I was always scared, I was not a risk taker."

Reach – 16,920

"Because when they see the future, they are more willing to put the effort."

Reach – 20,631

"Growing up as a kid, I always dreamt of making a change and contribute to the society in my own tiny way."

Reach – 20,246

"I want my kids to grow up in this diversity and understand the differences between different people."

Reach – 14,447

"I won’t call it a failure, I call it a learning curve, and it taught us how to recover from a loss."

Reach – 13,745

"Growing up as a kid, I always dreamt of making a change and contribute to the society in my own tiny way."

Reach – 5,211

"You need to be aggressive to get what you want."

Reach – 17,628

"We build robots that can do specific and autonomous tasks for different purposes, to reduce the need for human labour."

Reach – 12,532

"If people don’t do it, I want to try and do it myself."

Reach – 28,374

"Even in start ups, you don’t wake up everyday loving what you do."

Reach – 42,751

"Working with the B40 has really opened my eyes"

Reach – 81,976

"Business is just business, but when I feel like I’ve done something to change someone’s life, and bring a positive impact to the community, it feels really good."

​46,176 People Reached


Total Reach
Total Engagement
Total Unique Viewers

Reach – 4,075

Unique Viewers – 1,599

Reach – 5,716

Unique Viewers – 1,518

Reach – 6,656

Unique Viewers – 2,199

Reach – 2,831

Unique Viewers – 788

Reach – 5,842

Unique Viewers – 1,711

Reach – 5,582

Unique Viewers – 1,979

Reach – 9,893

Unique Viewers – 2,450

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