Maxis Fibrenation Campaign

Humans of Kuala Lumpur collaborated with Maxis on their upcoming brand campaign, Fibre. It is broken down into three documentary capsules focusing on three remarkable Malaysian figures who have made a difference thanks to Internet accessibility.


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Bionic Man

We take our limbs for granted. Making coffee, picking the box of cereal on the top shelf at a grocery store even scratching an itch are just some of the things most of us do without even thinking. But for some, these are impossible feats, well, at least naturally.

Meet Sujana Rejab or better known as Pak Su, the man responsible for making prosthetic arms and legs to those in need. A former English teacher, Pak Su was frustrated by the limitations some of his disabled students faced due to their financial circumstances and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Pak Su thus taught himself how to program 3D printers, using Google and YouTube going on to produce his first 3D printer and 3D printed prosthetic arm. Today, he not only serves his community of Taiping, Perak, but also makes and donates hundreds of prosthetic limbs to all across the world and educates a growing class of students in a vocational college within his hometown about 3D design and printing.

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Making It Big On E-Sports

Amidst a growing wave of E-sports teams, FrostFire is a multi-title professional E-sports team in SouthEast Asia founded in 2018. Specialising in two video games – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and FIFA, FrostFire has produced teams competing in regional and
even international arenas representing Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Currently, one of the star players within FrostFire is Kathireson or better known as “Infamous9”, who currently holds the title of Malaysia Cyber Games FIFA Champion. FrostFire’s main training ground, The Pantheon, is also recognised as the 1st licensed e-sports center in Subang Jaya under the Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ).

Aside from that, FrostFire are in talks with the local council in setting a guideline of standards within the E-sports community. Currently with over 40 players and staff under their title, FrostFire is a growing powerhouse that even boasts their own in-house production team assisting with quality content production on a weekly for their social media platforms.

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Unique Viewers – 15,789

Food From The Heart

Picha Eats is a social enterprise with one simple mission: to serve you great food. But as you enjoy your meal, you are also providing an opportunity for refugees in Malaysia to start a new life. This social enterprise uniquely specialises in delicacies from the homeland of their refugee chefs – from Iraqi Falafel, Palestinian Hummus to Afghani Dumplings & Syrian sweets – with everything made of authenticity & love.

Naming their social enterprise after Picha, a 3-year-old boy from Myanmar who is the youngest son of the first refugee family who joined the food catering social enterprise, is a constant reminder for Picha Eats to continuously strive and work towards creating a better Malaysia, where marginalised groups will be included in the society and economy of the country. Picha Eats owes its reach to social media and the internet and helps society empower migrant communities within Malaysia through the universal language of food.

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Unique Viewers – 24,116

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