Humans of KL x Taylor's: Hope, Grit and Slay

In partnership with Taylor’s, Humans of KL pursued the theme of ‘Hope, Grit and Slay’ to showcase its educators on their educational journey, whether it be professional or personal. 

“Position yourself so that the other person values you more because you have the qualities”
“I don’t know how to be rich yet, but I do know how we can get out of poverty.”
“Critical thinking, thinking out-of-the-box, finding information and ways to solve problems. Students need that.”
“I also encountered a lot of difficult people, not just because of differences in race but also age.”
“I tell myself; “Who says a degree holder can’t be a CEO or anything else?”
“I secretly also want them to continue and further their studies in Chemistry but that is not right lah!”
“For me, teaching is good. I love that I have more time with my family.”
“It was here that my journey in teaching began and I have never looked back since.”
”I share their successes and failures, their achievements and frustrations, and I laugh and cry with them.”
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