Teddy Mobile Clinic

For this project, Humans of Kuala Lumpur ventured with Teddy Mobile Clinic on their nightly activities. Teddy Mobile Clinic’s mission is to provide medical assistance to those who cannot afford it.

Overview of their Routine

Teddy Mobile Clinic’s team usual meeting point would often be at Jalan Hang Lekiu, in front of Segi College, KL.

By 9:30 p.m. they will be setting up their shop – consisting of makeshift tables and chairs, all methodically placed.

This also includes makeshift tables for the Clinic’s new clients who register under the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society – a charitable non-profit organization inspired by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche to help marginalised communities.

There are also makeshift tables for returning patients all arranged on the sidewalk of the street.

After a patient registers, they move on to another table where their blood pressure and sugar level are checked, and then they go to designated tables for their doctor’s consultation, all free of charge.

After seeing the doctors, they move on to the pharmacist’s table to collect their medicines.



500 Facebook page Likes

20 Volunteers

1 clinic

Homeless & Urban Poor


3,500 Facebook page likes over 7 days

160 volunteers

3 clinics established

Homeless, urban poor, old folks home, orphanages, orang asli villages, PPR 

Behind the Scenes


Total Reach
Total Engagement
"The majority of Malaysians out there, a homeless person holds a lot of stigma."

Engagement – 11,159

Reach – 44,628

"Wherever they are we’ll try to find time to visit them, … even if that means going all the way to Seremban or Penang."

Engagement – 399

Reach – 1,596

"Now my only concern is not to die in the street,and to be able to sustain myself."

Engagement – 223

Reach – 8,924

"We also realize that tuberculosis patients mingle around with the others and it's easily spread."

Reach – 616

Engagement – 154

"It’s a weekly reminder for me to be grateful for what I have in my life"

Engagement – 983

Reach – 3,932

"Despite being busy I still make time to be a part-time doctor at Teddy Mobile Clinic."

Engagement – 316

Reach – 1,264

“Every month they get RM300 from the Majikan (welfare department) and RM300 cannot pay for the whole family.”

Engagement – 132

Reach – 528

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