The Team

Samantha Siow (Head of Storytellers)

Being a legally trained person, Samantha believes in advancing the rule of law through storytelling. She is passionate about issues on fundamental humans rights such as statelessness, refugees and migrant workers. At Humans of KL, she hopes to empower people and create awareness on social issues.

Khairul Ridhwan (Graphic Designer)

Khairul Ridhwan is passionate about exploring and supporting social movements with a good cause, especially those that aim to make the world a better place to live. His passion is in the arts, which has lead him to become a graphic designer. Being a graphic designer at Humans of KL is one of the many ways he contributes back to society.


Aside from having the core team, Humans of KL also recruits volunteers who are keen on being involved with its content creation aspect with its storytelling campaigns.

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