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“I can’t go back to my hometown this year, because last year I went back already. For us police bantuan (auxiliary police) every year we have to take our turns. If this year I go back to my hometown, my colleague stays and work, and for next year he goes and I stay. We take turns. If there’s a family emergency then it can be difficult. We have a lack of police officers.

“I’m from Semporna, Sabah. There are many beautiful islands near my hometown, like Mabul and Sipadan island.

“What I miss most of my hometown is my mom. I came to KL because there are better job opportunities here. At Sabah the highest I could get for basic pay was RM700. For this raya I sent money to my mom, bought a few nice clothes for her and passed it to my uncle who works as a lorry driver, as he’s going back to Semporna and can deliver to her”.

“Do you wish you can be at Sabah now?”

“Mestilah (of course). In fact, I wish I was at Sabah now.

– Humans of Kuala Lumpur


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