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“I miss my grandmother. She is very old, she’s 77 now…”

 “I love her a lot. She taught me to sing traditional Hokkien folk songs. I don’t know the names of the songs in English, but the songs talk about lives
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“My parents wanted me to become a lawyer or a doctor. I wanted to become an animator. I love drawing. We had arguments and they didn’t allow me to draw. That broke my heart. I was angry. I didn’t want to leave my room nor eat that one time I was a teenager. I want to pursue my dream juga. I don’t care. Luckily, my parents didn’t take away my drawing materials…”

“I have been drawing since I was seven. I draw every day, even at school. I like to draw cute girls and design dresses. I am now studying animation. I
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“I am no different than anybody else. I want to prove that despite being ‘differently abled’, I’m capable to live independently and to succeed at whatever I’m doing. I want to prove my worth to my family and for that, I will continue to work hard ignoring the hardships and challenges that I face…”

“Hello, my name is Ahmad Nizam and I have been wheelchair bound since birth. I was born as a premature child along with my twin brother who unfortunately did not
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“I am half Kadazan and half Bajau. I left my hometown of Sandakan (Sabah) two and a half years ago to pursue my degree in Strategic Studies at the National Defence University of Malaysia…”

“I never thought of joining the army when I was a kid, it was my father who actually pushed me. Also, my grandfather was in the army, he was an
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“I am going to the Ed Sheeran concert tonight!”

“I’m not the biggest fan, but my friends were going and they asked me: ‘Do you want to come along?’. I just said yes of course. And so I bought
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“People usually say there are more men working in ‘building conservation’ because it is part of being in the construction line…”

“But as a woman, I have been fine happy with my work – this is my seventh year in this field that is mostly taken up by men. All is
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“Usul seterusnya, sudara-sekalian: Rukun Haiawanisme. Kami telah berjaya meringkaskan Falsafah Haiawanisme kepada tujuh perkara…”

“Rukun pertama: Makhluk berkaki dua: musuh haiawan belaka. Rukun kedua: Makhluk berkaki ampat: sudara dan sohabat. Rukun ketiga: Semua haiawan: dilarang berpakaian. Rukun keampat: Semua haiawan: dilarang tidur atas katil.
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“I would say that even animals can be better than human beings…”

“In many ways, they are. We can be so terrible, and we have the means to be so, I mean look at this world – animals aren’t destroying it, we
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(In character) “My name is Zabir. It is 1940 and Mak hasn’t left her room. It has been two years since Pak Amir died and I’ve tried my best to assume my new role as ‘man of the house’… but honouring Pak’s legacy is difficult…”

“He was one of the most famous Bugis traders in Singapore and I’m trying my best to fill his shoes. Zubaida, my kakak, is unlike me. She is still with
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