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I’ve been attending this school for 2 years. I came to this school because I have a learning disability. When I was Standard 1, my teachers noticed that I wasn’t studying well, I was also unable to read. I went to see the doctor because my teachers had asked me to. The doctor ran a test to test my mentality: to see how I thought and if I could read. The doctor diagnosed me with a learning disability. 

I feel that I have improved since then. For our UPSR exams, I was able to sit for the exams along with the normal kids.

When I was in primary school, my mom used to worry that I was not able to take care of myself. For example, if I was able to handle myself when others talked to me. I managed to click with a study group, where we get to help one another and study with each other. In the beginning my Mom used to call me all the time because she was worried. After a while, she started to worry less.

When I used to study in a normal school, it was difficult to make friends. This was because the normal kids knew that we were from a special class. During that time, it was difficult to make friends with others.

I have been bullied – I was teased before. When we were doing group work, there were two students who would bully me. At times they would tease me for my status, or they would tease me for not being able to read easily.

I used to argue back when I was unable to take the teasing. One time when we ended up arguing in class, our teacher made us explain ourselves. I told her that they were teasing me. We were all punished. We were given a warning and caned once on our hand – this was when I was in Form 3. Our teacher also told us to shake hands, hug, and start having a more positive attitude. We also went for counselling. Since then, we became friends and there were no problems. Now, I’m glad I can say that I am no longer bullied. I feel that they won’t bully again because we know what happens with those who bully. Maybe these bullies are having problems with themselves, and that’s why they take it out on others.

My dream is to be a motorcycle rider. I hope I can one day enter Formula 1 Malaysia, and represent Asia for Superbike competitions.

By right, we shouldn’t be seeing someone as being a weak person, or a person who doesn’t know anything. We don’t know what they are capable of. We should look at the way they act, their values, and the way they think instead.

When I am given comments that I’m disabled, I do feel hurt. But now I choose to think instead: “I am a bigger person, I am better than these comments.” We can show that those who are disabled are capable of having big dreams. We are not weak. We may not be the smartest of people, but we can think positive and focus on achieving our goals.

If I can give a piece of advice, I hope that people will remember to always move forward – don’t look back. Only God knows, and there is nothing that is impossible for us to chase.

Bahasa Malaysia

Saya belajar di sekolah ini selama dua tahun. Saya datang ke sekolah ini sebab saya ada masalah pembelajaran. Semasa saya belajar di darjah 1, cikgu-cikgu nampak saya tak pandai belajar, saya pun tak boleh membaca. Saya pergi jumpa doktor kerana cikgu-cikgu yang suruh saya jumpa. Doktor membuat pemeriksaan dari segi mental untuk melihat bagaimana saya berfikir dan membaca. Doktor mendiagnosis saya sebagai murid masalah pembelajaran.

Sekarang, saya belajar lebih baik sikit. Untuk Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), saya dapat duduk untuk peperiksaan bersama murid-murid biasa.

Semasa saya belajar di sekolah rendah, ibu risau saya tidak boleh jaga diri. Contohnya, jika orang lain hendak bercakap dengan saya. Saya dapat menemui satu study group, dan kami dapat membantu dan belajar bersama-sama. Mula dulu Ibu selalu menelefon saya kerana Ibu risau. Tapi lama-lama, Mak pun menjadi kurang risau sangat.

Semasa saya belajar di sekolah biasa, susah sikit nak berkawan kerana murid-murid yang biasa tahu kami dari kelas khas. Semasa itu, ia susah sikit nak berkawan dengan murid-murid lain.

Saya pernah dibuli, saya dulu kena diejek. Semasa kami membuat kerja berkumpulan, ada dua murid yang membuli saya. Kadang-kadang mereka akan mengejek taraf saya, mengejek saya tak boleh membaca.

Mula-mula saya pernah bergaduh balik semasa saya tidak boleh tahan mereka mengejek saya. Satu kali saya bergaduh di kelas, Cikgu datang dan tanya kenapa. Saya memberitahu Cikgu mereka mengejek saya. Kami semua kena didenda. Kami diberi amaran dan kena rotan atas tangan sekali – ini semasa saya belajar di tingkatan 3. Cikgu pun menyuruh kami bersalam, berpeluk, dan berfikir positif. Kami juga pergi untuk kaunselling. Sejak itu, kami pun mula berkawan dan tiada masalah. Sekarang ini, saya bersyukur saya boleh cakap tiada orang yang mengejek saya. Saya rasa mereka tidak akan membuli lagi kerana kami tahu apa yang akan jadi kepada orang yang membuli. Mungkin pembuli-pembuli yang ada masalah dengan diri sendiri, sebab itulah mereka mengejek kami.

Cita-cita saya adalah untuk menjadi seorang pelumba motor. Saya harap saya dapat masuk pelumba Formula 1 Malaysia, dan menjadi wakil seluruh Asia untuk pertandingan Superbike.

Sepatutnya, kita harus tidak melihat orang lain sebagai orang yang lemah, atau orang yang tak tahu apa-apa. Kita tidak tahu apa yang mereka boleh buat, apa yang mereka boleh tunjuk. Kita sepatutnya melihat orang dari segi persiakapan, penilaian, dan cara mereka berfikir.

Bila orang lain cakap saya OKU, saya terasa sangat. Saya memilih untuk berfikir: “saya boleh menjadi lebih tinggi daripada perkara ini”. Kita boleh tunjukkan bahawa orang khas juga adalah orang yang boleh berkemampuan tinggi. Orang khas bukan orang yang lemah. Kita bukan orang yang terlalu pandai, tapi kita boleh berfikir positif dan fokus kepada matlamat yang kita ingin mencapai.

Jika saya boleh memberi nasihat kepada orang lain, saya harap semua orang akan ingat untuk maju ke depan dan jangan sekali tengok belakang. Tuhan saja yang tahu, dan tiada benda yang mustahil untuk kita berkejar. 

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