“One day we happened to see a singing class, so my mom was like, “Do you want to go and learn?”

I wasn’t forced by my mom to try singing. I was kind of interested in it but not quite, you know. But once I got in there from the age of 7 to 15, where I learned properly, that’s when I got really interested in it. But I had to stop and start again after I finished my SPM.

The thing is, I only sing Tamil songs. I don’t particularly have favourite songs. Whatever songs that come by, I’ll just sing. But I really want to be a playback singer for movies. So, for now, I’m trying to take part in competitions here in Malaysia. If not, I might travel to India.

There’s a famous singing show called Super Singer India. Maybe I’ll learn and take up some training with a famous singer from India, who’s also a vocal trainer. From there, I’ll take part in the competition.

Although my parents encouraged me with this dream, they asked me to finish my studies first, like, get my degree and all. At least if my singing dream doesn’t happen, I’ll have a proper degree by then.

Now, I sing a lot at home. All the time. I even sang for my cousin’s birthday party and my father’s friend’s birthday party. It’s nice when they complimented on my singing. It makes me want to sing more.

I mostly post my singing videos on my Instagram. To be honest, I hope I get to achieve this dream at least once in my lifetime. I want to experience all of it, being a playback singer or performing in front of large crowds and for a big performance. ”

– Humans of Kuala Lumpur​

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