‘My most memorable Raya moments was I was young, when we were really excited to go back to our hometowns, and doing the preparations we had to make…’

‘Raya won’t feel like Raya if your mom didn’t shout at you, if your siblings didn’t fight with you on the things you need to do. Sometimes the good memories happens when everybody’s at home, you and your sisters will fight a bit as to who will do this and that – like who will fix the new curtains, who will help mom with the cooking, and if that doesn’t happen, Raya will not be Raya – because that is Raya.

‘Also what I miss the most was my cousins and me who were only one or two years different – we all bought the same clothes together every year. And it was like that until around Standard 4, when we decided to say no more to wearing the same clothes, and that moment I felt a bit sad because we don’t have the same attire to wear. 

‘I also had my grandmother with me, but after she passed away things are a bit different. When my grandmother was still alive, every Raya morning I would make jokes with her, ask her to make some dried rendang… so when she’s already passed away I don’t have that vision anymore, she’s not at my table anymore. Its a bit sad, but of course life goes on, things change. 

‘But I’d say preparation for the ketupat was the best part of any Raya, and if you can’t feel your mom’s nagging at you, and you don’t fight with your brothers and sisters on your duties – Raya just won’t feel the same. 

– Humans of Kuala Lumpur

Photostory by Mushamir Mustafa

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(This post was first published on July 5th 2016)