(Part 01/02) “When the earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, the Government was blocking a lot of resources from going down to the locals and they were lacking basic necessities such as water and food…”

(Part 01/02) “I joined a few charity organisations and hoped to help out as much as I can, but I came to find out the severe lack of transparency and abuse of funds.

Hence, I decided to go on my own and make sure my contributions reach out to the people I care for. 

I packed up my belongings and went to Nepal, helping out as much as I can to get the locals back on their feet while trying to understand the real issues faced by the community and how I can help efficiently. 

After three months in Nepal, I came back to Malaysia and started a crowdfunding exercise to raise funds and buy mosquito nets for 300 families.

It was going to be summer and mosquitoes breed during that time. A mosquito net is something a lot of families cannot afford, considering that many have lost their homes and family members. 

Thanks to my network of friends, I was able to achieve beyond my target and raise funds to afford mosquito nets for 889 families. 

That’s when I realized, even as an individual, one can make so much of difference if he or she has the determination and right strategy.

I will never forget their faces when we were distributing the mosquito nets to each of these families. 

They have so much generosity and love even though they do not possess many things. Some of them live in very poor conditions yet they show much gratitude for everything they own. 

That is something you can hardly find in the city, including the place I grew up in, Kuala Lumpur.” – June Moh






当我们向每个家庭分发蚊帐时,我永远不会忘记他们那一张开心和感恩的脸孔。当地人拥有的不是很多,可是他们的心载着的慷慨和爱比我们多。其中一些人的状况其实真的很恶劣,但他们对自己所拥有的一切都充满这感激的态度来生活。这是你在城市很难找到的东西,尤其是吉隆坡,我长大的地方。” – 莫淑华

The above interview was conducted in Mandarin.

Story and photo by Ooi Chia Shen

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(This post was first published on March 20th 2018)

(Part 02/02) “While volunteering in Nepal, I feel that the locals do not realise they need to improve their country’s economic development to have a better quality of life…”

(Part 02/02) “They merely think of working odd job overseas to make ends meet.

I am working with a project partner in Nepal to come up with an avenue for them to market their products.

I want to help the local women to learn and expand the local businesses so that they can have a sustainable income source.

Nepal’s economy is mainly supported by women because men have moved to work in other countries including ours (Malaysia). Most women are involved in the agriculture sector but due to the lack of access to quality education, they don’t have the skills to increase their income.

My project partner teaches them how to make handcraft products while I work on developing a business plan to market their end-products to other countries, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. At the same time, I help them raise funds for any special projects or requests which can boost their income.

I believe this is the right way to help them instead of feeding them with funds or resources. It is to educate them about the importance of entrepreneurship and development. I hope they will understand that this is one of the ways to lead better lives.” – June Moh









The photo below shows June in Nepal while volunteering with the locals.

The above interview was conducted in Mandarin.

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Story by Ooi Chia Shen
Photo by June Moh

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(This post was first published on March 22nd 2018)