“My wife and I used to come here for breakfast before all the hassle of development and surrounding constructions started…”

“You can see it’s now congested. In front there (points to the shop front), the pedestrian walkway was removed for road works.

We both like this pork noodles, though my wife stopped eating this noodle since she turned pescatarian. 

My wife, Evelyn, is no longer here with me. And I don’t have my wife for company for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the many times for all the things we share together. She was a victim of a hit-and-run accident.

There are moments I wish, and feel like she’s just gone on a long trip… I wished that she can be back soon. 

It’s her birthday next month and I really don’t know how to cope on her birthday. 

I cry every time I think of her and what I would do without her… I miss her smiles, her laughter, her grins, cheekiness….

I miss having her around the house. Shalom & Shiloh misses her. I miss our trips… the short drives, long drives, impromptu journeys… We spent every moment together and I always drove her to the places she needed to go…

My family misses her a lot, my nephews loves her chew-ma, I know that. I know her parents misses her a lot. I kept her mobile phone. The other day there was a missed call from her parents to her phone. I think they were hoping Evelyn would answer. 

I also plan to spend time with them on Evelyn’s birthday on 13 April.” – Dennis 

Dennis’ wife is the popularly-loved marathon runner Evelyn Ang whose untimely death left many in grief. Tomorrow would have been Evelyn’s 45th birthday. 

Story and photo by Poesy 小詩
Edited by Christine C

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(This post was first published on April 12th 2018)

“Being pescatarian means abstaining from meat and animal flesh, except for fish.

“A good friend (Evelyn) who passed away not too long ago was a pescatarian, so I decided to be pescatarian for her birthday month of April as a dedication to her.

Since I was in my 20s I aspired to turn vegetarian one day, but it is near impossible… My longest record was only 49 days.

If it isn’t for a special cause, I would never succeed. I needed a strong motivation and this is my gift to her. If I kill less animals, the merit is mine and I am dedicating my merits to Evelyn’s afterlife.

When I told Dennis (Evelyn’s husband) that I will lead this #PescatarianEve drive for a whole month, he agreed that it can be easily done; but he also said maybe not many people will join for such a long stretch. 

Well, whether they join me for a meal, or a week, or a month, or a lifetime, it is entirely up to them… Each meal is a dedication of merits to Evelyn while it is a spiritual blessing for anyone who makes it. Better yet, go vegetarian.” – Poesy Liang

Poesy’s friend is the well-loved marathon runner Evelyn Ang who lost her life after a hit-and-run accident. 

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Story by Christine Cheah
Photo by Dao Hong

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(This post was first published on March 30th 2018)