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“I was diagnosed with schizophrenia for more than 30 years. Before the diagnosis, I wasn’t feeling well for a few years and decided to seek help for myself. I don’t hear strange voices in my head, the biggest challenge for me is having a low level of concentration. I have been working for six months because my mother knows the boss of the company that I work at. Having difficulty in focusing is my current struggle at work.

I stopped going to church for a few months because it has been difficult for me to wake up in the morning. I used to exercise to maintain my mental health but stopped exercising since I started working. 

I am taking Clozapine, Lexapro, Sulpiride, and Chlorpromazine as prescribed by a psychiatrist. The cost of medicine is around RM300 every month, but I get financial support from an organization so I don’t have to pay. I have attended a rehabilitation program and still see a counselor today. They helped me get back to my work life. 

I don’t care about the public’s perceptions of mental health. I know mental illnesses are caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals. I have not had suicidal thoughts. I think some people choose not to discuss mental health because it may be a little traumatic for them to share as they probably have gone through very hard times. We need more love and care from society. Mental illnesses are just like a fever or flu but when you are not mentally well you see a psychiatrist. Never delay and seek help as soon as you can.

I would also like to tell everyone who is struggling with depression to not feel sad or bad about what you are going through. You can get help from professions in the mental health industry and also church. Be brave and seek help.”

 Photostory and edited by Maxy



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