“I was distraught because my mother was sick. After all, you only have one mother, right? But the consequence of heading back to Malaysia in the middle of exams meant I won’t be able to graduate this year.

The final exams were coming up in May. I was in the UK, studying for my final year. I thought, “Will I be able to make it until the exam ends? Should I fly back to Malaysia if anything happened to her?”

I was in the middle of sitting for a paper when I got the news that my mother was admitted to the emergency department. I called and asked my father if I should go back right there and then, but all he said was, “Don’t worry about Mom, we can handle it”.

After the exams, I flew back to Malaysia. That’s when we found out she has a Stage 5 kidney failure. It was so sudden, and I wondered how long could she live? She may continue to live for another 5 years if she receives dialysis treatment.
Otherwise, she would only have a few months to live.

Moreover, I didn’t have the heart to leave my mother who was in a coma. I didn’t have the money and I feared I would end up photoshopping myself for my graduation photos.

It was on 9th July when I received the news that my mother woke up from her coma. In the end, I managed to attend my graduation. But even then, my father gave me his money to attend the event, so he couldn’t accompany me.

I received Second Upper results. I wasn’t sure I could finish the exams, but I am grateful that I did. My friends knew about my mother, but they didn’t know she was admitted to the hospital almost weekly.

For two months, I stayed by her side in the hospital. I took care of her and I slept there. It was terrifying when you know a hospital is a place where you’ll be informed, ‘this loved one has passed’.

But we supported and gave words of encouragement to one another. We accepted the fact that someone we love is sick and we are willing to sacrifice for them.

Currently, I am working in a government-limited company in Kuala Lumpur. I’m working there because I want to give back to JPA, as I was the JPA scholar since 2014. I’m thankful to JPA because they helped to change my date of flight ticket to come home to see my mother.

To all my friends or anyone struggling with having a sick family member or any other difficulties right now, do not worry. You are not alone. If you reach out, there are a lot of people out there who want to help you. Do not keep it all to yourself. ”

– Humans of Kuala Lumpur

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