“He died of cancer within 2 weeks when we all found out he had cancer. It was too sudden. 2 weeks is a very short time.

He underwent chemotherapy but there was a lung infection and died from it. Its like he just disappeared.

I find that if you don’t treasure your loved ones, you will regret it one day. I miss everything about him until today.

It has been 15 years but he was a very loving person and took care of all of us very well.

He got our backs when we were growing up together with our tough situation.

When I was 15 years old, 4 years after my father died in an accident and we moved to a small house, my mother told me if I wanted pocket money, I should go out and work for it.

My mother said “if you want to study any course, you would need to handle it (financially) by yourself.”

And right before my late brother passed away, he spoke to my second eldest brother. 

He said: “Use the insurance funds when I pass away for you (younger siblings) to further your studies”.

And if I could go back in time and tell him something – it would be, “I love you”.

– Humans of Kuala Lumpur

Photostory by Mushamir Mustafa

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(This post was first published on August 6th 2018)

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